NEWS FROM NOWHERELOCKDOWN (or An Epoch of Unrest) ***hardcover edition***


A cross – disciplinary collaboration involving performance, photography, fashion, set design and AI, revisits William Morris utopian romance ‘News from Nowhere’  in the context of London’s lockdown.

Photographer paula roush worked with stylist Hugo Santos 
and fashion designer Robert George Sanders to explore the codes of still-life painting through body art and performance for the camera. Scenes staged in the decadent three-storey building where msdm studio is based, were filtered through the latest artificial intelligence features, currently being added to photographic software. The work was created during London’s  first lockdown and the play with both flesh and virtual masquerade, offers a deconstructive critique of the ubiquitous  introduction of state police surveillance tech as part of creatives’ toolkit, at a time of growing street protest. 



MEDIUM: nphotobookwork
DIMENSIONS: 24.7  x  17.8 cm
PAPER: 90gsm matt
BINDING: hardback case laminate
PROCESS: Digital
COLOUR: Colour
TEXT: Hommage to News from Nowhere
(or An Epoch of rest) Being Some Chapters
from a Utopian Romance by William Morris
PUBLISHER: msdm publications
YEAR: 2021

News from NowhereLockdown (or An Epoch of Unrest)
Photography and artwork: paula roush
Production and styling: Hugo Santos
Garments and make-up: Robert George Sanders
Performers: Hugo Santos, Robert George Sanders,
Claudiu Panaite, Josef Abela and Lena Cantarellas
Sculpture (Domenest): Natercia Caneira
Table (Wood Library): Anna Odrich
Musical instruments: Gem Milsom
Mural (Animal Ally): msdm + GBH
Text designThe Modern Designer
ommission:  Carpark magazine 14

News from NowhereLockdown (or An Epoch of Unrest) has been published as a stand-alone broadsheet
(newspaper work) and hardcover book, alongside the editorial of the same name published in CarPark magazine issue 14, curated by Dino Tsapaliras and launched January 2021.


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