An imprint of msdm house-studio-gallery [+],
msdm publications explore mobile strategies
of display & mediation,
where the book medium offers open,
mobile spaces
that are potentially archival and narrative
for a recombinatory reading experience.

Integrating photographic and book art processes,
msdm publications are guided by artistic research
and hybrid publishing formats

that combine the hand-made with digital tech.
Curatorial projects [+]

held at msdm gallery and partner sites
address exhibitions formats
specific to the display of book art,
photobook installation
and social publishing [+].

msdm titles can be found
at the following public libraries:

Library of Artistic Print on Demand [+]

Biblioteca Universitaria de Vigo [+]

Bower Ashton Library
University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) [+]

bookRoom Collection at
UCA Library at Farnham [+]

Victoria & Albert Museum
National Art Library London [+]

Khio Oslo National Academy of the Arts
artist’s books collection [+]

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
MENA artists’ books collection

Women’s Art Library Collections,
Goldsmiths, University of London [+]

The Swarthmore College Libraries
Book Art collection  [+]

The Boston Athenaeum Library [+]

The School of Art Institute of Chicago Library
Joan Flasch Artists’ Book collection [+]

The Centre Pompidou Kandinsky Library
Artists’ Books Collection [+]

The Drawing Room Outset Study
collection of artists’ books [+]

MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani
de Barcelona collection [+]

Coleção de Arte Fundação EDP [+]

Biblioteca de Arte Gulbenkian [+]

Parasite collection at P74 Ljubljana [+]

Photobook cafe library [+]

The Brooklyn Museum

The Museum of Modern Art Library

The Metropolitan Museum Library

PUBLICS Library [+]

UAL University of the Arts London
Chelsea College of Arts Library [+]
London College of Communication
Special collections [+]