liquid memories [to read with water]


With this book everyone can create their own ‘liquid memories,’
by setting the  55 unbound sections– 18 pamphlets, 5 paperbacks,
12 posters, 10 cards, 9 photographs and 1 leaflet –in motion.



TITLE WORK: liquid memories
to read with water

paula roush

PHOTOGRAPHS AND WORDS: Maria João Ferreira, paula roush, Betina Dal Molin Juglair, Francisco Varela, Miguel Marecos, Joana Nascimento, David Goldenberg, Raul Simões Pinto, NDMALO archive, Alice WR, Teresa Huertas, Carla Fragata, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Luís Carvalhal, Natércia Caneira, João de Goes, Inês R. Amado, Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro, Ana Botelho, Manuela Vaz, Renato Roque, Eliane Velozo and Severino Iaba, Susana Paiva, Mide Plácido

EDITION BILINGUAL : portuguese, English

CONTENTS: 55 loose sections– 18 pamphlets, 5 paperbacks, 12 posters, 10 cards, 9 photographs, and 1 leaflet

PAGES: 721 


PRINTING: Laser and Indigo printing on uncoated papers
and silk finish paper on facsimile photographs

SIZE : 23 x 35  cm – closed enclosure
[individual sections range in size from 10.5 x14.8 cm to 42x 59.4 cm]

COVER: Soft cover in clear PVC  with 2 side-sealed pockets
and unique acrylic gold monoprint. For each book, the assemblage of the 55 sections is different and each cover is individually customised with a gold acrylic monoprint

WEIGHT: 2kg 100 g
RELEASE DATE: May 12  2022
PUBLISHED BY: msdm publications

ISBN: 978-0-9553793-5-2

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