Pink Press


” paula roush’s publication, entitled Pink Press (2014), consists of seventeen full-page collages. They are created from clippings of the Portuguese pink press and magazines that belonged to her mother.
On inconspicuous (…)  paper, we see (…)  images of women whose facial features are removed – namely, their eyes, nose, mouth, which deprives them of their identity and emphasizes the repetition of a slender body, long hair, etc. Here and there, parts of a body are also cut out or placed in such a way that the body looks deformed.”
Nina Skumavc

KAPSULA P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute Artist Book Collection
P74gallery Ljubljana






TITLE WORK: Pink Press
AUTHOR: paula roush
MEDIUM:  17 hand-made collages
made with cut-outs from Portuguese
gossip magazines 
(imprensa rosa
or “pink press”)

on vintage paper,
SIZE: 35 x 28 cm each

PUBLICATION: Photozine edition
PAGES: 32 pages
DIMENSIONS: 21×29.7cm
BINDING: loose
PROCESS: laser 
PAPER: 90gsm matte paper
PUBLISHER: msdm publications
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